10 Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Do you wonder that even after putting in all the efforts, why does your Social media page not have expected reach, likes, shares, interaction and engagement? May be you are doing something wrong and it may cost you reach and engagement, may be even fans and customers. But it’s never too late to start avoiding such mistakes.

Here we are listing 10 major Social Media Don’ts:

  1. Focusing on quantity over quality:

Post way too much content on your social media account, may backfire on you. In the rush of posting more content, you may compromise on the quality of content. Limiting your posts to one or two a day will increase your reach and engagement by almost three times. Fewer posts mean better quality content and hence the audience will also reciprocate likewise, which will make the Facebook algorithm surface your content to more people. 

  1. Presence on all social media platforms

Posting the same content across multiple platforms may create the perception in audience’s mind about your content being redundant and repetitive. Instead, find out that which social media works the best for your brand/ business and concentrate more on them.

  1. Same content on all the platforms

Unique and platform specific content for different platforms increases reach and engagement. Different social media platforms are set up differently in terms of shape & size of the post, a number of characters allowed etc. Also, people expect to see different content on each platform. 

  1. Using only landscape images and videos

Earlier landscape videos and images were ideal for most social media platforms. But studies have recently found that square photos and videos are receiving more user attention and generate higher average views and engagement, especially on mobile phones.

  1. Sharing only your own content

By sharing content of businesses and brands which are popular amongst people, you are also including that brand’s audience to your audience base. Posting quality content from others will increase your brand awareness and following.

  1. Not uploading videos to social media platforms

Videos uploaded on particular social media itself are shared five times more than YouTube videos on social media. Native Facebook videos will have significantly high interaction rate and higher share rate.

  1. Not targeting specific audience for our content

Facebook has a preferred audience feature for doing localized posts.  Posts related to specific location are better shared with people of that location and is rather uninteresting for people of other location. This way you will be sharing your content with fewer people than usual but this will prove beneficial to your page. When you limit your posts only to the relevant audience, Facebook might surface your content more based on its high relevance score.

  1. Not boosting the right posts

Posts with higher engagement rate are likely to be even more successful when boosted. Facebook and Twitter Analytics provides you with the engagement rate of individual posts and tweets. By not boosting posts with above average engagement rate you may be committing a major mistake.

  1. Not giving prompt replies to questions on social media

Brands make the major mistake by ignoring people who want a response online. People who reach out to brands on social media for customer support expect a response within 60 minutes. And studies have found that if queries on your page are answered promptly, people will use your products more and be more loyal to the brand and share their good experience on their own profiles.

  1. Not sharing user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) can grow your Instagram account by many times in a short duration of time. By finding, selecting and posting photos which already have many likes and engagement, you can increase your account’s reach. In Instagram you might have seen people reposting other peoples photos with Reposting App, and that in turn gets likes and shares on their own page.

Nilkanth Ray
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