12 Most Effective SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization is the primary technique to find your business digitally. Search engines such as google, yahoo are the platforms which leverages your digital presence. In today’s scenario, SEO is the basic and mandatory technique to be in eyes of your audience and thus, the effectiveness should be there.

12 tips which would help you attract more visitors to your websites, from on-page factors to user experience, link building and more.

  1. Site Layout

The framework of the site has to be clear and loud. Avoid ads to the page and keep URL name SEO friendly. Not allowing the paid and affiliated links to reduce the speed of the landing page.

  1. Keyword Research

Choose the keywords wisely for using them in your website. Divide keywords and keyword phrases according to the number of pages. Keep monitoring your CTR which is dependent on keywords.

  1. Title Tags

Keep your title tags as a keyword and clickable. Don’t use multiple keywords. Keep your title tag limit to 50-60 characters.

  1. Meta Description

Meta description is actually the detailed description of the title tag. Keep it brief and concise. Use keyword for the overview and character limit from 150 to 160 characters.

  1. Header Tags

Unique names given to each heading on the page. Keep it a keyword for easy search. Avoid using multiple header tags in a single layout.

  1. Content

Content is the main ingredient to your website recipe. Use structured data with internal and external links. Longer content correlates with the higher rankings and quality over frequency.

  1. User Experience

Website should be a user friendly one. Lower the bounce rate and reduces the number of pop-ups. Be careful with ads and make site mobile optimised.

  1. Google Analytics

Analysis is needed for every site. From traffic on landing pages to bounce rates. Everything visitor matters and his activity on the site.

  1. Site Speed

Optimizing the loading time of the website on desktops and mobile phones. Use tools like “Google Page Speed Insights”.

  1. Image Optimisation

Add relevant image text and use the descriptive images. Compress the image size according to the speed of landing page.

  1. Link Building

Build links according to the high domain authority sites and related sites. Diversify your links and anchor texts to link up your content to the users.

  1. Social Media

Be active on social media platform, pin the websites encouraging the rich content.

Nilkanth Ray
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