12 WordPress Plug-Ins One Must Have

WordPress sites are incredible. WordPress holds 25% market share today. One quarter of websites are powered by WordPress. Content manager is connecting easily to WordPress for blogs, basic sites and digital existence. It is easy to develop and update for non-developers. It is getting more common to have a WordPress site cause of its popularity.

It’s not only the popularity, but the universally accepted platform for all who needs a digital presence today. And the one reason it accepted so easily and across the globe is the thousands of plug-ins which can be used by users universally.

Here are the WordPress plug-ins one must have:

  1. Cache Plugin

Cache plug-in is very important, it prevents server from overloading. Also, increase the site speed. It used by top web portals for better site performance as it loads site 10x times faster.

  1. SEO Plugin

SEO Plugin by Yoast handles all the SEO title, meta description, bread crumbs and functionality of headspace. It optimizes your tags, structures, and improve site ranking to a greater extent by making it user friendly.

  1. Social Bookmarking Plugin

Much needed Plug-in this day, as every user needs to share the site content to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks. It adds the social buttons to your site which makes it look more attractive.

  1. Login Protection

Brute force hacking can take place if your website is not properly protected. This plugin prevents such as hacks and also keeps track on such hackers. It limits your login attempts and notifies the webmaster for the suspicious activities.

  1. Comment System

For intensive discussions and debate, powerful comment moderation tool is needed. Enhancing social conversations such as polls, options and tools. Having a well structured comments system engages visitors.

  1. Backup Plugin

During power cuts or other accidents, missing out data is a big problem. The WordPress backup plugin works for your sudden problems. Lets you take the backup. Exporting files, databases to the cloud, e-mails and local hosts is possible.

  1. Anti-Spam Plugin

This plugin solves the problem of spamming. It blocks all the spammers. Akismet is a free service for personal sites that keeps spammers away by checking the comments.

  1. URL Management

Redirection keeps track of the URL changes and automatically adds a 301 redirection when the URL is changed. Old URLs are redirect to new ones with this plug-in and keep track of outgoing links.

  1. Maintenance Plugin

Vault Press is a service to maintain your wordpress site theme and recovers theme and scans out other services.

  1. Security Analysis

Security plug-in can identify and notify all security threats. It also, secures all loopholes in just one shot. Common website security is taken care.

  1. Contact Plugin

Contact is needed because there are many contact forms to your website. This would give a convenient way to your visitors on the site. It is a customizable plugin for multiple contact plug-in.

  1. Plugin Bundles

It offers multiple tools in one package. Jetpack is a toolset plugin which includes stats, sharing tools, short codes and more.

Nilkanth Ray
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