5 Graphic Designing Trends Of 2016

Trends are like buses, there’s always another coming up. New trends get outdated in few days, weeks or months and what stays in is the old trend again.It brightens up every year and stays in the market till it fades or anything brighter shines up. And the process of trend goes from clothes to design, design to packaging and the new tools develops.
Now a days graphic designing is taping the brands, in terms of marketing. Colors, designs and illustrations which are in trend.

Here are 5 trends tapping the designing skills this year:

  1. Flat colors: Flat colors are characterized by the clean and colorful look. Subtle gradients with big typography. This trend has risen the attractiveness of minimalistic designs. This has tapped the market by high visibility with faster loading time. It makes the design more versatile and flexible.
  2. Bold and playful typography:Typography has its own charm on the look of the designs. Typography plays an important when it comes to minimalistic designs. An application such as Glyphs has made it easy for designers to design their own fonts. IT is more easy and inexpensive. In 2016, large drop caps are in trend and handwritten fonts. Designer uses curvy and sketchy fonts to add glamor to the design.
  3. Whimsical illustration:Whimsical is well defined has hand drawn illustrations. Companies interested in digital marketing usually ask for their own designs or tend to create their own depository of illustrations. This is nothing but whimsical art. Whimsical art is no more a kid drawing now, it’s called doodle. Google specifically came up with doodle designs to make it more visible and accessible to understand. These illustrators have more of sketchy lines, brushstrokes, and simple in nature.
  4. Motion:One of the most eye catchy trends is motion often known as “GIF”. It is basically photos and illustrations coming in 2D animation. Just a small moment in the design and it catches attention without even distracting the content.
  5. Minimalistic Logotypes:Usually, logotypes are about the company name or product. Today, logotypes have changed to minimal designs. It is a small icon with a flat background. Subtle gradients with flat pale colors and logo made of crispy lines. Logos are now simple and attractive, to make a company stand out.
Nilkanth Ray
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