6 Tools That Do Magic To Your Analytics Report

Analytical report is necessary after huge investments. In today’s digital world, all you can track on your fingertips. From people visited your site to the impressions. Adopting the analytical tools to measure the reach and engagement is a must. Choosing the best engagement tool for any marketing stack is a must.

How many startups needs a tool to measure their business reach? How many brand needs to engage their customers in the right way? Here are all the tools to measure your brand’s customer engagement.

  1. Google Analytics:https://analytics.google.com/

Google Analytics is a tool used worldwide. Lets you access the whole picture of your brand with smallest to the biggest insight of the brand page. Comparisons can be made during different time frames with comprehensive measurements.

  1. Kissmetrics: https://www.kissmetrics.com/

A tool to optimize and measure all the problems digital marketers face. Analyzing all the campaigns and page posts is must, Kissmetricshelp to broaden our knowledge about reaching your audience.

  1. Good data: https://www.gooddata.com/

Good data team makes sure of letting you deliver best brand performance with scalable, manageable and secure platforms with embedded analytics. Business decisions remain in data and analytics, they give the appropriate results.

  1. ChartMogul: https://chartmogul.com/

ChartMogul is an analytical tool best for subscription based business. Studying all the key areas you need for your business. Providing sufficient data to make decisions and answering all the business questions.

  1. Pendo: https://www.pendo.io/

Need a retroactive analysis! Pendo is the tool to analyse instantly. Brilliant features to find individual statistics with divisional segmentation. Meaningful results pricing and other dimensions.

  1. Crazyegg: https://www.crazyegg.com/

Check your user’sactivities on your website with binoculars on. Crazyegg records their entry to exit on the website and submits a report.


Google Analytics : All-rounder analytical tool!

Nilkanth Ray
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