7 Creative & Effective Facebook Timeline Post Promotions

Facebook is the best social media platform for celebrity, brands and products to showcase their skill, talent and service. Facebook gives a larger scope to the brand in terms of influencers and potential buyers. Basic way of spreading a word is Facebook, Also, helps building business as well. Not only having a page is enough, facebook posts makes a difference. Take an advantage of timeline posts promotions, here’s some inspiration:

  1. Like this post for a chance to win!

One of the simplest way pf promoting a page, by uploading a picture and letting the traffic enter the contest just by liking the posts.

  1. ‘Caption this’ Contest

Letting your fans caption the photo or the other images. Choose the winner randomly or with the highest fan followers.

  1. Photo Comment Contest

Asking the audience to enter the contest by photo comment feature. Pick a random photo from the comment to announce the winner or ask their fans to vote for them.

  1. ‘MEME this’ Contest

Combination of photo comment and caption this is called meme contest. Asking the fans to create the best meme they can. Asking their fans to vote for the favorite one.

  1. Fill in the ________ Contest

Here user’s need to complete the statement with the best possible answer. Announce the winner who has received the highest number of likes.

  1. Poll your fans

Launching a product or offer? Before that ask your fans to votes. Raise polls for color, style and flavour. It becomes easy to calculate the winner color, style and flavour and select the winner.

  1. Reward fans for feedback

Post a new product, new design or new feature and ask for fan’s opinion on the product. This is a great way to engage fans and the brand. Select winner randomly.

Nilkanth Ray
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