7 Ways For An Effective Blog

Blogging is an inbound marketing stratefy that works today. One can generate more qualified leads through blogging. Marketers who blog consistently will acquire more leads compared to those who do not. One can easily churn out 300-500 generic bogs posts that won’t impact anyone, just to grow the business. Even a blog needs a system to follow.

A wordpress blog site and high quality content is enough to generate leads. Blog has to be in the most attractive form. Here’s the anatomy of a blog:

  1. Aweosme headline

Your headlines are every often the first thing users notice. It should be interesting and should create curiosity for readers to click on the blog tab. Don’t be boring.

  1. Catchy picture

Keep a picture which is attractive and breaks down mass text. It should be related to the blog post as well as the mass text. Before using an image check with the copyright guidelines as well. Visuals are the biggest attractions!

  1. Introduction

This is another chance to hook your readers in. Keep is brief and to the point. Talk about why they should read this blog post. Don’t overwrite, a punchy introduction is way more effective than a mass text.

  1. Lead in

If your blog has a list of points, make it bit informal by stating a line saying “below mentioned are”, “main points are” and more. Do not directly highlight the points.

  1. Your main points

Use pointers to explain your points, use heads for each point or bullets. Write for your readers to understand and not for search engines. Writing paragraphs would leave your readers clueless about the points.

  1. Conclusion

Blog isn’t an essay. Don’t have to reiterate the lines again and again but a closing paragraph does wrap up the post in a better form.

  1. Invitation for feedback

The comment section of your blog is a way to build a community. Make sure at the end of your blog you leave a line which engaged your readers.

Nilkanth Ray
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