9 Skills Of A Perfect Content Writer

Content writers are ruling the digital market these days. Every business is boosting their business digitally through content from once liners to image text, video to audio content is the king. Content writer is the new profession everyone is opting for. Content writer is not only the person who knows English and has a depository of words, special skills are the must. An overall knowledge of the digital world is necessary.

Every content marketer is different and so are the skills. Here are the 9 skills every content marketer needs to excel in their digital space:

  1. Strategic Thinker

Content marketer need to be process-oriented, who thinks strategically. They need to have goals and frame process to achieve them. Content is a frame in the same way.

  1. Creative Thinker

Brain catches visual 10x times faster than the text. Content marketer should have the vision to design a concept which has attractive visuals and videos when developed. It takes visualizing skill to develop a concept.

  1. Influential & Energetic Promoter

Digital space is full of influencers and promoters on every social platform. A content marketer needs to be social-savvy and should know about every social platform. The publishing tools, channels to publish content, time slots and reaching the maximum number people should be known for more engagement and returns.

  1. Innovative

Content marketer should be fearless. Need to be risk takers, and resourceful. Trial and error are the technique they use. Innovation comes out of the debugs from all the errors.

  1. Analytical Thinker

The process to achieve the business goals can be measured with analysis. Therefore, a content marketer is great at measuring the content and deep diving into the insights of all the loopholes.

  1. Collaborator

Being social-savvy is not enough, connecting with internal and external groups is also mandatory. Internal collaborator is the team one works within the company whereas external is working with other companies, agencies or on someone on social platforms.

  1. Witty and Humorous

Adding your sense of humor can make difference. It makes your idea stand out and to know the potential of the content share it with your peers for experimenting.

  1. Street Smarts

Potential of content marketers lies in their grasping power, research and know-how. They are smart in studying company, products, customer database, audiences and the thirst for knowledge never dies.

  1. Skilful Writer

Except for knowing language and grammar, one needs SEO skills i.e. keywords, phrases and vocabulary. Ability to create something which is out of the box and a talent to explain a word to a story and vice-versa.

Be a smart and efficient champ at whatever do!

Nilkanth Ray
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