Entering our digital villa is fabulous, and also, adventurous!

Six years ago, we found a freaky place named Greenopia in Vadodara.  Wondering why freaky? Wait…we’ll love to take you to a tour to this digital zone (villa) of ours.

We are a gang of nerdy yet creative heads that helps you find your digital presence.

Earlier this digital villa was not dense enough but it blossomed in no time. No wonder that today it comprises of striking sounds from the developers to the designers to the analysts to the social media experts. We – the proficient gang (as we think ourselves to be) marched ahead in using the digital space while following the mantra of leveraging brand’s digital existence for all the punters that knocked the door of our villa.

We welcome you all to experience the madness of being digitally zoned with us. We’d surely love to be a wonderful host and will ensure that once glued with us, you’ll indeed leave a mark of your footsteps engraved in this beautiful villa of ours! So, what are you waiting for? Let your adventure begin!

The Digital villa that we live in demands an evolution in everything. And these three years made baby GreenOpia grow vivaciously and evolve for the better! Today, our gang is more than happy to share the evolution of the most significant part of Greenopia – its logo (or say: our villa’s representator)

Vision behind the logo:

GreenOpia’s logo is all about three things: youth of today, their vision, and their identity. The focus is on abbreviation: ‘GO’ which looks like crooked spectacles at first glance, but is actually the thinking of today’s youth (regardless of any place, he belongs to) which does not always abide by the norms yet is proved right.

We, the proud elements of the villa tried to wear it one by one and came out with multiple inferences – some took it as spectacles, two people sitting and having fun, while some inferred it as a face, two globes like structure and many more. But one inference that was common amongst all was, a funny, quirky and magnetic image, relating directly to our crazy GreenOpia. Not-to-be-missed factor for our logo – being digital, GO is always connected to the global happenings and latest trends of the world.

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