AI Powered Customer Service

There is a new trend making rounds in the field of Digital Marketing known as Artificial Intelligence or AI. Some of the best brands in the market swear by the idea that application of AI can revolutionize a business.

AI has a brilliant future and scope in Digital Marketing. One of the applications of AI is Chatbots.

In this post, we are going to discuss the ways Chatbots can benefit to your business, along with a couple of points to look out for.

Read below for some pros and cons of AI in Customer service:

  • Improved Analysis

Marketers are using AI in an increasing rate to provide good experience to customers, perform sentiment analysis (detect opinions and measure feedback from web pages, customer review sites, forums), etc.

  • An Employee That Always Works!

This one is both a pro and a con! AI is always available, provided there is electricity, which means no sick leaves, no breaks! However, it also means it needs constant supervision too.

  • Human Touch

Customers are humans, and humans are unpredictable as we know. Out of 100 customers and their 100 types of human behavior, you will find at least one that tries to manipulate the AI; therefore, it occasionally requires human input.

  • Constantly Collects Data From All The Interactions

Data like demographics, likes and dislikes, etc. It can help you immensely in future campaigns and strategies. However, it is important to build security around the data, to keep it safe from hackers.

There are many more brilliant features, and the scope of AI in Customer Service, with some caution, is abundant!

Check for yourself and let us know your thoughts in it!

Nilkanth Ray
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