Brilliant Ways To Use #hashtags In Social Media Marketing

So, are you using #hashtags in your social media accounts? What do you do to maximize your hashtag’s exposure? Who knows if someone else is using the same for a totally different topic? You really need to be a pro when you are in dire need of gaining the eye balls of maximum online traffic.

What’s a Hashtag?

It is a pound sign – ‘#’ used to organize conversations, tweet at events and engage in conversations online. But, if you are planning a wide scale campaign using a hashtag, you’ll require a little bit of research before choosing that apt hashtag for the same.

Listed below are 4 tips for choosing a successful hashtag:

#1: Choose something unique

Your ultimate aim is reaching your community with the use of hashtags. Hence the first criteria is to have a hashtag that is more unique and not simple and common! This is necessary to differentiate yourself as well as your strategy from others that are going viral on internet. So choose a unique and specific hashtag to avoid mixing up with other conversations.

#2: Select a hashtag that is easy to remember

Select a hashtag that is easy to remember. With thousands of hashtags being used in the virtual world, the businesses end up in creating one that is hard to spell or pronounce. Ultimately, the users will end up spelling it wrong and thereby defeating the purpose of having a hashtag in the first place. Hence, hashtags selected must be short, easy to pronounce and spell giving the users a better idea about the topic of conversation.

#3: Spread the hashtag on various social media platforms

Once you select your hashtag for the campaign, the next thing is to spread it on multiple social media channels. Though the use of hashtag started with Twitter, it is now used across multiple channels including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It allows the users to organise their content and pictures while installing the hashtag into the minds of their targeted audience.

#4: Conduct a research for the hashtag before you use

What can be the worst thing after you really put on efforts for making your campaign successful by selecting a hashtag and the same is used elsewhere for an entirely different topic?

This may happen when you use the hashtag without researching at the first hand. Hence, ensure that you search to see if other people are using that hashtag or not and if yes than what they are saying about it. So that your campaign plan doesn’t get hampered just because the same hashtag has been used somewhere for a different thing.

Follow these 4 steps to choose a hashtag that is memorable yet unique. It’s okay to use general hashtags but it will be difficult to make your conversation unique from many others present. You can also use multiple hashtags if the topic allows you to do so, but make sure that you don’t do so just to show up in many searches as possible. Best idea is to visit the hashtag dictionary to suffice your need of being unique!

Nilkanth Ray
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