Digital Innovation

Innovate or stagnate. This is the norm everyone has to live by if they are to succeed in an ever evolving eco system that is the digital world.

Innovation is not just limited to a particular group/class of people. Individuals, small, medium and large scale organisations are actively involved in the brainstorming process to bridge the gap between the Customers and the Service providers. In simple words, Digital innovation is the process of finding solutions to varied situations all the while harnessing the power of digitization.

Marketers are quickly realizing the potential of digital innovation in promoting their brands and garnering more engagement from the populace. Social networking was one such phenomenal innovation and today businesses have no choice but to join the band wagon of digital marketing. One innovation leads to another hence snowballing into a complex integration of science & technology, media and Human interactions. This has led to an ever-increasing need for synchronisation of on line and offline marketing efforts.

For example, Facebook Campaigns play a dual role of increasing store footfalls and engaging the community at a more personal level compared to conventional methods.

One such successful campaign is that of Mc Donald’s. Through their Facebook campaign they managed to increase the sales of their burgers during lunch time and create awareness for their premium products.

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While Social media has limited physical interaction among people, with the power of Digital innovation brands like Coca cola have managed to create enriching human experiences across the globe. The most innovative and memorable campaign is the vending machines. From uniting people across borders to sharing a can with your loved ones, Coca cola has struck a chord with millions.

These are some of the campaigns used by Coca cola:

Digital Innovation is not just limited to Social Media but permeates all the sectors i.e. Retail shopping, Medicine, Banking and Finance, Public Transport, Education, Travel, Fashion, the list is endless.

Today people can shop on their commute to work within minutes thanks to virtual shopping malls and retail sites. A makeover is just an upload away and Mobile apps are springing up to take care of our everyday conundrums like finding a cab or deciding which route to take. And to take care of all this we have mobile banking and digital currency.

Digital Innovation has managed to create gigantic waves in the world of Enterprise in just the nascent stage. We can only begin to imagine what is in store next.

Nilkanth Ray
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