Effective Ways To Use Twitter For Your Website

Having a business and wish to walk hand-in-hand with the world that is highly influenced with social media today?  Obviously yes – will be the answer! You already have a facebook account which is doing well by getting online traffic, but you wish are hungry for more and want to be present on every social media platform that people resort to these days? Again – yes is the answer! You wish to do everything you can but problem lies in having less knowledge related to these social media platforms and what should be done to gain traffic on them is a big concern for many of the businesses. Well, let us help you out today with the second most popular social media platform used by people of today – Twitter!

There are certain rules for everything you opt for! Same thing applies here where you need strategies and effective ideas that can render you more crowd.

10 simple yet effective ways to use Twitter for your website:

1) #getvisual

Twitter is not just a text-only platform, it now features visual content more prominently by auto expanding the images in your tweets. Including stunning visuals will help your updates look different than other normal text based tweets.

2) #teaseyourfollowers

Make sure not to provide entire content in your tweets. Create that excitement amongst your followers by letting them guess the entire story from that one tickler tweet of yours.

3) #berepetitive

To share the same post every now and then can piss off your followers. But, it also may happen that your audience miss out your post due to any reason. So what to do? Make a habit of altering and editing the same post with different content and visuals so that they are not bored of seeing the same post at regular intervals.

4) #hijackyourbio

When you show up in someone else’s stream, the Twitteratis can see your name, profile photo and max to max your tweet! And if they intend to find more than they’ll end up clicking your profile – that flashes your bio! Now here’s the punch: Most people use bio to list information about themselves, instead it’s better to link your latest post or blog in that section. You can even hijack your own bio by including a specific call to action with a bitly to a blog landing page for all the Twitteratis.

5) #besubmissive

Your followers can be a good guide to your content. Poll your twitter audience by asking the type of issues they face normally. This will create a circle of give and take building trust and familiarity among the followers that share same interests.

6) #cheerthecompetition

It is advisable to consistently tweet the content of others by cheering them up. Make sure to include a link that directs to their post or article. Such things will increase recognition of your tweets within your community, and thereby by driving more traffic!

7) #lovehashtags

Use hash tags that are relevant to your topic and add more engagement to your tweets. As it goes, the more visibility these hash tags get, the more clicks your links receive!

8) #behuman

Mix your professional content with personality, humor, likes and interests. Also, you can share a variety of insights on what you know. This will enable the followers to know the real you!

9) #stealshamelessly

Staying different from others by coming up with out-of-the-box ideas is good, but sometimes stealing from others is also okay! Thought provoking quotes enable attention, hence, can be stolen from other tweets that are shared by people.

10) #buyinfluence

Organic sharing won’t be enough for the ones who does not have many followers. Hence, with Twitter’s promoted tweets, you can increase the visibility by targeting the right demographics.

Nilkanth Ray
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