Facebook Ads VS Twitter Ads, Who Wins?

Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the top two social media platforms right now. Selecting the best social media for marketing your business can be a hard task as both the platforms are very competitive in terms of advertising. Make sure you choose the right one, otherwise all the efforts and investment you make can go in vain. Points to focus while making a decision are that which platform promises more sales? Or which platform has more users?  Or which platform can provide maximum ROI?

Here we will try to analyze all the pros and cons by comparing both Facebook and Twitter on the basis of different factors and try to give a better understanding and help you make a decision.

  • Number of Users 
    The success of your social media campaign depends on how many customers you might gather, and larger the viewer pool more the potential customers. Facebook clearly wins here with 1.60 billion monthly active users while Twitter falls back to 310 million monthly active users.
    Facebook 1: 0 Twitter

  • Advertising Cost 
    If you consider cost as a factor, then Facebook offers you more on flexibility than Twitter, which has the reputation of being a tad bit expensive. 90% of social media marketers will opt for Facebook simply because it saves them more money.
    Facebook 2: 0 Twitter

  • Click-Through Ratio
    Twitter scores its winning blow in terms of the number of clicks. Facebook may have a larger audience base and reach, but Twitter yields more clicks as they have fewer ads running. Also in Twitter, the ads blend in more naturally on popular topics and conversation streams.
    Facebook 2: 1 Twitter

  • Mobile Optimized
    Your ads will get more engagement on Facebook when it comes to mobile users. Mobile users spend more time on Facebook than on twitter, because Facebook has a sleek mobile-optimized design and user-friendly features.
    Facebook 3: 1 Twitter

  • Engagement
    In this department, both Facebook& Twitter have equal rankings. Facebook offers more like per minute thanTwitter. But users seem to give retweets more frequently and thus yielding free exposure to new audiences which Facebook share is unable to provide. So let’s call it a tie.
    Facebook 4: 2 Twitter

The scores clearly tell us who the winner on Facebook vs Twitter row is. However, this is not the bottom line, so be creative and work out what works best for you. Also trying both these platforms by giving more leverage to Facebook can be a good idea.

Nilkanth Ray
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