How Did The Social Media World React To Twitter’s #280characters?

Twitter has been always coming up with new changes and features to muse more users. Let us first look at how Twitter has changed over the years. In November 2009, Twitter introduced ‘Retweets’ and it was an instant hit amongst users. Later in April 2015, you could send other’s tweets as ‘Quote Tweets’. In May 2016, the ‘Favorites’ were replaced by ‘Likes’, and there were some mixed reactions to it, nut soon tweeples got used to it. The newest change being the introduction of 280 character tweets, was a relief for some expressive writers, and for some just another reason to complain!

Let’s take a look how people and brands all over the world, tweeted with this extended character limit.

  1. Some Brands made the most out of it by tweeting a witty post and promoting their product. Cinthol just did that by using the trending hashtag #280characters and getting their tweet into the limelight.
  2. Marvel UK & Ireland posted this funny tweet regarding one of their movie characters.
  3. BBC Earth took up the 280 character challenge and used many emoticons related and nature to promote their channel’s idea.
  4. Even NASA jumped on the bandwagon with this creative and witty tweet.
  5. FIFA World Cup’s twitter handle used this opportunity to creatively present all the countries which have already qualified for the FFIF World Cup.
  6. A Gaming portal listed all the games which are available on it, by exploiting the 280 character limit.
  7. This Blood Donation Organization conveyed their message effectively by just repeating the text “GIVE BLOOD” until they exhausted 280 characters.
  8. While some once decided to complain and ask Twitter for an ‘edit tweet’ functionality button.
  9. And one mister shared his wisdom by saying this.
Nilkanth Ray
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