How to Increase Blog Engagement on Your Company Website?

You can create great content, but unfortunately, that’s not enough for it to attract reader’s attention and inspire them to read it. The first thing it needs to do is to easily pull in readers and draw the attention towards your business. But once the blog has enough eyeballs to it, it must also attract enough engagement to keep the readers on your site exploring and wanting more.

Why is blog engagement so important?

When your blog and website are not able to engage people in it, they tend to leave quickly. This means that bounce rate of your website would be quiet high. Bounce rate means how quickly any user leaves your website. Google takes the bounce rate into consideration and if it is high, your site could move down in the search engine rankings according to Googles algorithm. You would surely not want that for a company website.

How to Increase Blog Engagement?

Here are 5 tips that can help increase the engagement on your company site:

  1. Write, keeping your readers in mind: Your company blog is about your readers and about you. Your choice of topics and the content should be such that it attracts the readers and makes them want to read it completely.
  2. Use images: It’s easy to grab a reader’s attention with images. High-quality images, screenshots, graphs and infographic add to the appeal and value of your blog posts. An eye-catching image will lure the audience’s interesting what you have written about.
  3. Create shorter paragraphs: Most readers spend very few seconds before deciding what to read. If your content has smaller paragraphs which are easy to scan through, there are more chances of them reading your content and visiting your site back again.
  4. Interlink your posts: Providing links to related articles within your blog is not only a good SEO practice, but it’s also good for keeping readers engaged on your site. Make sure that the linked content is such that the audience will be interested in. Also, display similar blogs at the end of each blog.
  5. Welcome comments: Comments on your blog can be a perfect way to know your readers and converse with them. You can prompt readers to leave comments or ask a question at the end of blog asking for readers’ opinion or a feedback. To handle these comments and reply back use a reliable comment system that works well. Something like Disqus or Facebook comments are highly recommended

We hope these tips will help you with increasing blog engagement for your company website. If you need professional help creating and writing content, we provide high-quality blog content for businesses for multiple industries. Email:

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