Instagram Marketing: Pros And Cons

Marketing is a vast term having many sub parts to explore. But the current trend that is extremely focusing on online marketing shows an upward graph of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram not only for being socially connected but also for businesses. Well, it’s true that major public concentrates maximum on Facebook, people tend to forget paying same attention on other platforms like Instagram – which is a mistake! Yes, a smart and a successful entrepreneur needs to focus on Instagram as well if he wants to increase his clientele.  Everything comes with attached pros and cons. So, let us peep into them for Instagram!


An image is greatly valued:

There goes a famous saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. If you own a company, you’ll definitely wish to flash your products and services through catchy images. Like, if you are into a food, jewelry or apparel industry, it becomes apparent for you to indulge in pictures to attract your customers. You can also go one step ahead in using your business Instagram account by sharing the pictures of your events, fairs, trips, office environment, colleagues, and so on. In short, posting about your company on Instagram will show the visitors the true value of your company, products or services.


Who does not want that anything posted on social media – be it  product, service, or idea, doesn’t go viral? We all know one basic thing that if your idea or site goes viral, you’ll get a great exposure of visitors and also will end up making a lot of money. Hence, if you are using Instagram, ensure that you provide true value to your visitors.

Followers make your post viral:

One way that your post goes viral is when your follower shares it with his friends and then the chain is formed. When it comes to Instagram, the followers does most of your work, provided you have posted something interesting. Hence, ensure you come out with creative posts and then let your followers do the rest of the talking for you!


Younger crowd:

This is a little problem that the businesses encounter as you’ll always look for older clients when you want to find new clients – which is a bit difficult task in current scenario as a lot of teenagers and youngsters use Instagram and not all have that finance to spend on!

Not business-minded:

People who resort to social media may not always be interested in business. They just want some news of their favorite celebrity or just waste idle time loitering and getting updates of their friends. Hence, with no intention to spend money, it may happen that the businesses find a little difficult to attract the public and convert them into leads.

Not so famous:

Though the popularity is increasing day by day, still you’ll find many people who are much aware about Facebook and Twitter but do not have even the slightest idea of Instagram. Hence, it becomes important for the entrepreneurs to come up with smart strategies and ideas if they really wish to avail benefits out of this social media platform.

In short, if you own a business and intend to be visible in the online market, Instagram should be one of the targeted platforms if you desire to find new clients from all over the world.

Nilkanth Ray
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