Know The Instagram Stories Inside Out!

Many of you, especially those who are new to Instagram might still be confused about how Instagram Stories work. Like Snapchat, Instagram stories allows you to upload photos/videos which will perish after 24 hours!

Let’s first go through the steps of creating an Instagram story:

  1. Tap the blue plus under your profile picture at the top-left side of your home screen or simply swipe right from the main screen.
  2. Tap the circle button to take photos or tap and hold to capture a video.
  3. Once you like the taken pictures or videos, you can edit those using texts, emojis, filters, drawings or by adding stickers.
  4. When you are satisfied with the edit, tap “Save” to save,
  5. To make your video/pictures public, tap “Your Story”.
  6. You can tap on “Next” and select few followers, and tap“Send” to custom publish your story.

Every other photo or video you add will automatically be joined in your Instagram Stories.

Some other pro-tips:

You can hide your stories from certain followers if you want. Go to Settings > Story Settings > Hide story from > select the followers, you don’t want to show your story to.

You can mute other people’s Stories. To mute that annoying account which keeps spamming stories, just go to their story in story list > tap and hold their Story icon> Select the “Mute” option from the popup menu.

Your comments on your friend’s story will not be public. Unlike comments on normal posts, comments on stories are sent as private messages.

Only verified accounts can add links. To add a link to a website or YouTube video Tap “paperclip” icon on the top right corner of your screen > Add your URL there while adding your story.

You can share somebody’s story with a friend. To share a story in a friends inbox, Open a story you want to share > Tap on “Paper airplane” icon > Select the contact with whom you want to share the story.

You can delete a story at any time you want.  Just go to your story > tap 3 dots on right-hand corner > tap delete.

Nilkanth Ray
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