Leveraging Social Media

With the use of social media constantly increasing, more and more marketers have started placing their trust in the wonders of social media marketing. According to TOI, Facebook’s daily active users (DAUs) rose by 22% to 757 million during December 2013 from 618 million in the year-ago period helped by growth in major markets including Brazil, India and the US. A large chunk of the Indian population is highly active on Facebook, making it a brilliant platform for marketing. A study by comScore shows that Indians spend one in four minutes online using social networking sites, more than any other Internet activity.

Gone are the days when amassing likes, were a priority. While doing that, is equally important, engaging the community is more important now. It is always better to define your objectives and decide why you need social media, before designing a strategy.  Once this is done, the results are always better. Whether you are using social media for targeted campaigns or branding and offers or for better customer service delivery or simply to reach out to people, you need to be focused.

Investment in social media marketing has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Marketers, now understand the importance of integrating their social media marketing efforts with other online marketing ways to get the best outcomes! To most brands, ROI through social media is no longer equivalent to money. For most of them, ROI is brand-mention and ultimate customer experience. They have started realizing that social media marketing is not something that any employee can handle. Most brands have started hiring agencies to strategize and handle social media for them.

The key factor for social media marketing is ultimately engagement. Having the maximum number of likes, simply doesn’t work. What is more important is how you engage with your community? To get an exact estimate of your engagement with your fans on Facebook, add the overall likes, comments and shares and divide it by the total number of fans. In the end, engaging with your fans is what matters most.

Nilkanth Ray
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