Linkedin Checklist To Optimize Your Brand Presence

Is your brand on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet in over 200 countries and territories? If not, then head on to with this checklist to optimize your brand’s presence in 2018.

Checklist 1: Leverage new/existing LinkedIn connections:

Make sure your existing employees follow your LinkedIn profile and regularly SHARE updates with their own connections.

Checklist 2: The video verdict is in!

Most of the social media platforms in their algorithms are promoting video content more than articles and blogs. Get started with sharing:

  • Events and speaking engagements.
  • Q&A’s with your own in-house experts.
  • Your expert team explaining concepts around the products and services you offer.

Checklist 3: Publishing photos about your Company Culture.

Most of the views and connections of your brand/company would be potential employees. Make your company fun to work with and increase activity on LinkedIn like:

  • Taking pictures at corporate events.
  • Gather the staff for holiday pictures.
  • Share Office traditions.
  • Share Annual reports.
  • Posts about New Partnerships with other businesses.

In time, not only will the brand presence increase on LinkedIn, but also the online and offline goodwill of your company will be enhanced with this starter pack!

Nilkanth Ray
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