New Facebook Tools You Should Know About

Facebook is the biggest social media platform for the most users and maximum business and marketing potential. Facebook has reinvented and updated itself time and again. Some new and updated features have been added to Facebook, which will interest you if you are managing your page or into social media marketing. Let’s see what these updates are all about.

Notifications – In this section of admin tools for your page, now you can see the engagement data of your posts separately by choosing a specific engagement. For e.g.  Click on the ‘Likes’ button for the notifications on likes, the same goes for comments and shares. If you click the ‘All’ button, you can see all the notifications together.

Publishing Tools – The publishing tool has five major sections. They are the posts, videos, lead ads forms, events, and canvas.

  1. Posts: The Post section is further divided into four sections.
  • Published Posts: View the reach, actions, date, and publisher of a post.
  • Scheduled Posts: Schedule new posts or view previously scheduled ones.
  • Drafts: Continue writing or publish a draft.
  • Expiring Posts: Set a post to be deleted after a certain period of time.
  1. Videos: This is where you can manage all the videos on your Facebook page and also Cross-post the same video to multiple pages.
  1. Lead Ads Form: If you want to reach users who are interested in your product or service, you should definitely use this feature.
  1. Events: Here, you can find the past events and the upcoming events which you have posted. You can also start a new event in this section.
  1. Canvas: This section is where you can create an advertisement. This feature is optimized for mobile.

We hope this information about the Facebook tools makes your task as an admin of your page easier.

Nilkanth Ray
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