Online Shopping Habits Of Consumers

In the Internet Era, E-Commence have become one of the essentials which is widely known as Online Shopping. Online Shopping is the process where consumer at home buys merchandise over Internet from Online Stores.

From a Pencil to Household Furniture everything, How big or Small can easily come to your doorstep in No Time through Online Shopping from your computer, laptops, cell phones and tablets. Online Shopping has made shopping simple and fast.

Why Online Shopping?

Online Shopping has grown tremendously due to benefits it has over the regular shopping. From buying food to clothes to vehicles or equipments, everything is available at your fingertips with wide variety to choose from also consumer can compare on factors like price, quality, payment options etc. The new tech savvy generation is always on Internet and online shopping would be the right choice for them. 

Online Shopping Habits of Indian Consumers :

The Habit and perception Of Indian Consumer towards online shopping is changing positively. More Indian consumers are buying products from Online shopping portals. Safety Of payments was an initial issue with online marketing but due to options like “Cash On Delivery” and “Free Shipping”, it has become more easy and safe, which has increased the ratio of buying and selling.

Insights :

  • 50% Indians Uses social Media sites for online shopping.
  • 80% consumers are planning to buy products online in Coming future.
  • 71% Indians are recommended online shopping by their family.
  • Majority of Indian buyers go through the online users’ reviews before buying product online, especially Electronics, Software and a car.
  • More than 40% Indians share their Negative reviews on the products that they have brought, very few shares the positive review.
  • In coming future Indian buyers will be buying more books, Tickets and Electronic Equipments online.
  • Approx 33% Indians Buys products more frequently from websites which allows them to buy products from different sellers.
  • Indian Youth Between the age on (21 – 29) buys maximum products online compare to any other age group.
  • Growth of 85% was marked in India’s E-Commerce market last year(2013). Source : DNA.
  • By 2023 it is expected that E-Commerce will see growth till $56 Billion in India.
  • In Last one year products like Watches, Books , Clothes , jewelry , Kitchen appliances and Lifestyle products are Highly Sold.
  • A survey Suggested that majority of buyers of online products are from Metro cities, Mumbai has the highest number of buyers.
  • By 2015 India will be having 1200 million Cell phone users and majority of online buyers in India purchase their products through mobile Internet and Applications.

The Point of view toward Online shopping has changed , Majority Of buyers are agreeing toward buying products online, Indian buyers has a mentality to touch and feel the product before buying but E-Commerce is a Breakthrough in such mentality , people are buying products online and E-Commerce is emerging.

Nilkanth Ray
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