Oven Magick is a popular cake shop in Gujarat. With variety of customized cakes, cupcakes, donuts, muffins and breads, they have been a part of many occasions and are getting consistent love and accolades from all the cities. Being from such a yummy industry, we poured in some more sweetness to it by making an appealing website that led to instant cravings to whosoever visited it. The journey of making its website was truly enjoyable. And we have extended our journey by leaving a constant mark of its scrumptious posts on facebook!

We are connected with this sweet brand called Oven Magick. With its success quite noticeable with every passing year, we are happy to be a part of it by being their social media partner. Providing them social presence on Facebook delights us every day with their yummy preparations.



Social Media Marketing, Website Developement


24th March 2017