Professional Twitter Marketing Secrets

Social media marketing has gained momentum with rapidly developing online marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook is the most sought after platform used even by novice businesses to connect to their target audience through photos, videos and a lot many things. If we talk about twitter, this micro blogging site is not that easy to crack for individuals and businesses as a whole. There is actually a lot that you can indulge with your Twitter account apart from posts and articles. Here is a secret guide to 3 significant marketing strategies that would help your brand reach a larger target audience by creating maximum customer engagement.

1)  Research and reach: Before you reach your influencers, ensure some pre preparation with the research and strategizing over public figures of brands in Twitter that attract the same group of target audience. Like, if you are into fitness industry, connecting with health gurus, health management companies, fitness enthusiasts and supplement stores will help you propagating the same idea. Next, as soon as you have a respectable group of followers on Twitter, create relevant blog post by connecting with the influencers in your content. Attract potential customers as well as influencers through encouraging discussions. As soon as your tweet reaches to your target audience, the next thing must involve tagging your influencers to let them know how important they are to the post. This will boost the retweets and shares, further reaching a larger audience base.

2) Hash tag art:  Though we may not be a pro user of Twitter, we all know one thing about it – the use of hash tags. Hash tags are important to increase your tweet reach thereby attracting a larger audience. Adding a hash tag is no rocket science, just stick to your topic and create hash tags related to it. That way, when twitter searches for that particular topic, these hash tags will highlight your post easily. The other way of making your tweets visible is using trending hashtags. Expand your tweet travel by posting tweets related to entertainment, news or any specific day. Also, by joining a trending conversation, depict your brand significance to the topic. If you are planning a Twitter campaign, try creating an original hashtag. Lastly, if you are attending an event, make sure to tweet by using the hash tag – event. So if the audience is searching about any event on twitter, it will display your tweet as well as your content.

3) Audience Insights: Twitter offers an exciting tool of insights that show the businesses their audience demographics as well as the level of engagement created by their posts. The audience insights can help you to focus on your blog topics that are based on interests, lifestyles, mobile usage behavior, demographics, purchasing behavior and so on!

Hence, apply these three strategies and avail maximum benefits to your business by creating brand engagement like never before on Twitter!

Nilkanth Ray
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