Recent Trends Of Graphic Designing

Trend itself speaks that it lasts for a limited period and is not permanent. Be it fashion, food, travel, or designing – every trend comes with an expiry date. Though, it may happen that the trends show a repetitive mode and keep shifting until they fade out. It’s common to see trends that go in opposite directions like some may be futuristic and some may be high-tech. Trend spotting is actually a lot of fun and also a great way to infuse your work with the fresh and unique ideas. Today, we’ll look down at 10 brilliant trends that are taking the graphic design space in 2016.

  1. Flat 2.0.

The first design trend is all about creating a flat design that has a clean, colorful look, white space, big typography and subtle gradients. This flat designed came into existence in 2006 and further went on getting refined by Google’s Material design in 2014.  It creates a powerful visual language that has the tendency of high usability and fast loading times.

  1. Bold, Playful Typography

The fonts turn out to be easier, inexpensive, dramatic and creative typography with the merger of the Flat Design trend and tools like the Glyphs app. As we all know, inclusion of bold statements and playful typography attracts great attention, making the infographic appealing and popular.

  1. Whimsical Illustrations

If you are thinking that the whimsical illustrations are just restricted to kids, you are mistaken as today, the friendly doodles are highest in demand due to its nature of creating a playful human element. The Illustrators while mixing their tools and techniques continue to explore sketchy lines and brushstrokes leading to a broader range of illustration styles and use, including isometric projections and various illustrated images.

  1. The New Retro

Think about the pixel art, bold colors and playful geometric designs – this is the retro style inspired from 80s and 90s and is the ‘trend’ that is gaining popularity today.

  1. Motion

If we add 2D animations and cinema graph, the photos and illustrations gets life is a real sense. Without any distraction to the current content, just by adding the motion, you can catch the attention of the mass easily.

  1. Minimalist Logotypes

The logo trends of 2016 include minimalism, subtle gradients, negative space, flat design, crisp mono line styles and kinetic logos.

  1. Geometric Shapes

The geometric shapes are expected to strong in the area of packaging designing. Sacred geometry shift along with low-poly effects blended in 80’s style this geo trend continues in 2016.

  1. Print-inspired

Inspired by pre-digital printing process, this trend displays slabs of color, misprint effects and rich textures.

  1. Abstract Swiss

A trend that can be termed as rebellious and inspired by 80’s styles, the Abstract Swiss aims to break the rules.

  1. Movies and Cartoons

The outer space trend is really trending today with all the cartoon movies coming up. We’ll just sit back now to see how the graphic design will influence the TV and film life in future!

Nilkanth Ray
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