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Welcome to the world of online sociality. Today it has become hype as well as a status to be a member of online social committee. Having a social media account has become a necessity similar to having a driving license. The people who do not operate social networks are seen with the sight of shock or surprise as if they were an alien. Today the world has become like one large extended family due to emergence of social media.

Logging on in one or many of the social networks at frequent intervals in a day has become like a schedule in a person’s life. It has been seen that people tend to spend more time gathering information about products on a social media than other forms of media; be it Television, Radio, Newspaper and various mediums of OOH.

National as well as International brands are getting a lieu of this statistics and see social media to reach the best possible quality target audience at multiple touch points. Actually many marketers of brands feel they should target the audience at the place where they spend most of their leisure or free time thereby giving the target audience an ample amount of knowledge and awareness about the brand.

The statistics published by describes the everyday increasing use of social media in India. According to the report the social media penetration is 5% of the total population; currently there are 63.7 M Facebook Monthly Active Users (MAU) in the India, which makes it 3rd in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country, India with 18 million members in LinkedIn is on 2nd position with 20.1 M users (Jan 2013)’ and 6th place in terms of Twitter accounts with 18% of overall twitter users (2012).

Thus India is fast surging ahead as a top social market in the world soon to become the largest social media market in the world overtaking the USA and other developed countries. Different Brands are swarming like bees to gain the maximum advantage by penetrating the social media for Indian users.

Almost all the renowned brands have a presence on social media. These brands advertise on different mediums to gain the maximum attention of target audience. These brands come up with online events, online discounts on their products, and also online shopping facility to get their business go WOO WOO and gain maximum potential customers. These brands also use social media as a means to get closer to their customers and getting a feedback about their different products.

Some statistics by show the penetration by different products on social media and the success they have tasted.

The top 3 brands in different networking:

1)    Facebook:

  • TataDocomo: 1,16,44,492 fans
  • Vodafone Zoozoo: 1,03,64,770 fans
  • Nokia India: 67,56,393 fans

2)    Twitter

  • BCCI– 307123 followers
  • Tata Docomo): 61681 followers
  • Nokia India: 53880 followers

3)    YouTube

  • Sony Music India Channel: +619 493 views
  • Shree:+64 199 views
  • Audi India: +63 547views

4)    Google+

  • Nokia India: 143731
  • Mojang: 20401
  • Samsung India: 3292

 Samsung wins the award of being the most socially devoted facebook brand.

Other famous brands having a huge presence and penetration on Social Media are:

1)    Airtel

2)    Flipkart

3)    Ebayindia

4)    Nokia India

5)    TataDocomo

The most popular posts being of ZooZoo of Vodafone as in the month of April-May due to the event called IPL.

Now if India is so high on Social Media just imagine the statistics of India’s State which is home to businessmen and Entrepreneurs that is Gujarat.

There are some amazing facts which suggest that brands are repeatedly keeping a watch on Gujarat’s social media users.

The best example of Brand penetration is by Mr. Narendra Modi who is known as the most famous man on social media as well the leading politician of India who innovated the idea of using social media to his full advantage; be it Online election campaigns or making the event “Vibrant Gujarat” a brand, He has done it all and now other politicians are following his lead.

The city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) as statistics say has over 8,53,000 facebook users which takes its rank to 60th among the ranked city by users in the world.

Aakash Srivastava a faculty of Mudra Institute of Communications along with his teammate Nagendra Rathore, in their analysis of Gujarat brands’ usage of popular social networking sites has recorded facts as to how many of brands of Gujarat origin are leading in terms of social media penetration as compared to top national brands.

Examples of Amul (0.4M likes) compared to Mothers Dairy (20k likes), Vadilal (0.3M  fans) in just 1.5 years of entering Social Media and Adani Wilmar’s Fortune Oil (70.3k followers) compared to leading brand Saffola (8k followers) clearly show how brands from Gujarat are getting more social media penetration as compared to other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.

Hence by focusing on all the statistics we can clearly say that Brands have found a fast, cheaper feasible medium in the form of Social Media by which they have penetrated the Indian Consumer market in a new, innovative and measured way where they can display, sell and offer customer service for their products to the best possible way. The best part being the availability of easy database of crores of customers; their likes and dislikes and other personal info helps the brands to customize and offer quality products and also to use other mediums of effective personal advertising to the best of their potential.

Nilkanth Ray
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