SEO: For Optimizing Images!

The virtual world is highly dependent on the SEO – search engine optimization in order to be acknowledged online. Creating a website is a basic thing, what is more important is spreading it, advertising it and increasing the online traffic – and for it, all you require is a properly planned SEO.  Only a right SEO strategy can make your website well optimized. Hence, ensure that you are on the right way! Following things you’ll need to consider while doing SEO:

It’s a fact that a top ranked website will have both images and text duly optimized against the trend followed by the majority of not paying much attention to the images as they actually deserve. Texts that are followed by images are more clickable and comprehensible today than what they were before, so if you have been giving less importance to images, it’s high time to optimize your them for search engine visibility.

By doing so, two types of marketers will be benefitted:

One – who is not giving importance to website images

Second – who is into using breathtaking images on his website and optimizing well but without any results.

Some light on the SEO friendly attributes of the images:

If you are amongst the lot who is sidetracking the SEO of images, high time to realize that you are committing a major mistake by doing so. You really need to understand the role of images to gain online traffic as they are an integral part of SEO friendly website designing.  If you feel that even after using the images, others are unable to find them – you have surely committed some or the other mistake while optimizing them. For instance, you’ll find many who choose the images randomly, and the most common formats in which they are available are .jpg, .png and .gif. Hence, it is important to acquaint yourself with all the pros and cons attached with these platforms. This will enable you to use it properly. The ideal platform for photographs is .jpg format and for logos, it is .png.

How to optimize the images?

While ranking your content, Google reads the file name of the image, so if you stick to the default file name like IMG01128.jpg, then the ranking won’t be favorable. The trick is to include the important keywords even in your alt text. For instance, if you are into furniture industry and selling an L-shaped sofa, give a simple description to the file name – L-shaped sofa.jpg. Google understands keyword-rich simple descriptions, so choose your file name wisely that will enable Google to crawl and index it.

In short, Google ranking can show an upward graph if you stress on image descriptions, proper file names, and alt tags to promote e-commerce stores. Also make sure to fill out the alt tags for every product that is sold by you!

Nilkanth Ray
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