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“Social media” is a term highly used everywhere, at every corner of the world, from entertainment to business, Social media prevails everywhere.

Media is anything that can connect two different entities to each other.

Being social has always been a difficult task for all of us but in since last few years we all are Social enough, needless to say only because of Social Media.

Facebook and Twitter are the Pioneers of social media and with the growing technologies there are few new players as well, such as Instagram, Pinterest and many others.

Social media is no more a source of just entertainment but also, it’s the next big thing to the business world. Facebook and Twitter are the new favourite place of advertising and marketing.

Digital and Design agencies are growing tremendously and most of them entirely dependent on different type of social media platforms.

Film making and social media:

Film making is a business which is evergreen and everlasting. Film making is one of the best media for entertainment. Hollywood or Bollywood if one wants to reach to masses, Yes Film making is a way. But the question here is:

How does film making and social media is related?

Film making being the most favourite media and social media having the greatest reach, both requires each other.

But if seen in a broader perspective than the social media is not just posting and promoting brands through advertising but it is much more,

Social media includes almost all the aspects of Film making such as Brain-storming, conceptualizing, idea generation, story writing, filming and many others.

On the other side Film making industry trusts Social media marketing as one of the most powerful way to promote and advertise their brands and products.

With more youth getting involved with film making, new ideas and better techniques are the addition to it and which ultimately is bringing both the media closer to each other.

Animations and social media:

The growth in technology has given boost to Animations and its unique combination with film making and social media has given the advertising and marketing a new path. The way animators’ present brands and products are absolutely creative. The out of box thinking and innovations in animation making has changed the scenario completely.

Many big brands believe that advertising through animations are more effective and if it is on social media platforms than it can reach to masses in no time.

There are companies which make Start-Up videos for their products and sometimes to promote the brand entirely. Ads don’t work every time. So, these start-up videos are usually animated and these animations and concepts are so effective and are truly exceptional that the target audience can connect and relate to it easily and more importantly quickly.

Social Media is base on which companies around the globe trusts and with film making and animations a new door has opened up which has expanded the world of social media marketing to a greater extent.

Nilkanth Ray
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