Digital Head

Bossy is the whole and sole reason behind the existence of WeCrazies. Be it fun or anger, one can see him going extreme! He’s an epitome of motivation for all the Crazies. He is quite optimistic of reaching great heights while solving the loopholes of digital world as well as the villa. He envisions his villa as a happy work place and loves to treasure the footprints of every punter and Crazy that crosses by his life!

Web Architect

Web Architect by profession, Ms. Beebzy is the sleeping beauty of our herd that just can’t stop daydreaming about the same! She tends to manage work as if it’s a cakewalk, without any hurdles. Call it her USP or just inborn talent to manage it, Ms. Beebzy is truly one of the exceptional members of WeCrazies. She’s far away from all the life problems that a developer brags about all the time. One craving that she has all the time is – having desserts of any kind: you name it and she would want it!

Brand Identity Developer

Here comes the high-pitched, energy booster of the villa! All the ‘highs’ can be associated with her: highly workaholic, highly enthusiastic, highly tech savvy, highly shopaholic, highly snapoholic and the list is never ending! Her absence makes the aura monotonous and her presence itself multiplies the talks. A go-getter, Snappy is actually the ‘karta-dharta’ of WeCrazies! Not to be missed, she’s the social media head and is a die-hard lover of cupcakes.

Digital Media Data Analyst
Songster of WeCrazies, Mr. Vaino is in serious love with analytics, hence, ended up here as a Digital Media Analyst. He not only loves his work, but even lives it, or maybe breathes it, eats it, feels it and what not! Well, our unique Mr. Vaino is truly determined, hard working and values time a lot.  He’s that crazy movie buff who has all the famous dialogues at the tip of his tongue and who loves to sing songs all day long.
Digital Media Graphic Designer

This candid creature is surely an exclusive part of WeCrazies. Right from the food habits-to-behavior-to-working style, you’ll end up finding a different Pandz! Creativity is her forte which makes the Fine Arty comes out with extraordinary ideas that help us survive quite well here. Reading novels till 4 am, drinking cold tea… Oops…eating chilled tea (yes, she actually loves this), wearing only black or greys, a die-hard SRK fan, there’s really a list of freaky things that we can know about her! Above all, though being weird at nature, she’s still the cutest of all.

Social Media Marketing Designer

This shaant billi is surely not one of those ‘junglee billi’ kinds. She’s a sweet crazy who wears a creative hat and loves to play with colors and fonts. Crazy just love to tease her by playing pranks on and off while enjoying her reactions. Though, her mood swings can be easily noticed with her famous word ‘dimaag’ which she comes up with when she’s totally messed up!