The Importance Of Graphic Design In Social Media

Any and everything you use in your daily life has been designed to suit your convenience and aesthetic sensibilities. And the only reason you use those things is that you like them. Now think about the-plethora of content you see daily on social media platforms. Social media feeds are flooded with so much new information for you to consume. I bet you don’t really remember 90% of them, do you? This is where graphic design comes into the picture. The 10% content from social media, which you remember has a catchy image or a design so intriguing that you absolutely tempted to share it, without giving it a second thought.An astounding 93% of brands use social media for marketing.Thus, it has almost become mandatory from brands to have an excellent graphics design team for their social media pages.

Let’s list down reasons why brands, marketing on social media need a good graphic design for their content.

  1. Due to decreasing attention spans, social media content should be so engrossing that it captivates user’s attention at the very first look.
  2. A good design has a better chance of being remembered and also if users relate to the image they may end up sharing it. So good designs equal more engagement!
  3. An attractive graphic design of social media posts creates a very positive image and builds brand recognition.
  4. A good graphic designer understands the requirements of the client company and their consumers’ way better.
  5. People don’t like reading the text and tend to acquire new knowledge by visual contact and react on the basis what they see.
  6. Social media images are not only used to advertise the company’s products but also can be used to convey a company’s culture, values and vision. A good design can express what your brand stands for.
  7. A very well designed logo is the “face” of a brand and gives it a unique identity.
Nilkanth Ray
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