The Pros &Cons Of Buying Social Media Followers

Every brand, business, agency and even individuals are all trying to be popular on social media.  You might have seen some social media celebrities with thousands of follower and on the back of our mind you think, how is that person or a page this famous! This can be confusing for marketers, which are considering social media users as a serious customer base. And this is why buying followers are becoming popular amongst many people or businesses.

Most of us may think of buying followers as a negative and unethical practice. But we have to agree that it gives your account a sure shot, jumpstart. It’s difficult to take sides so let us walk you through a few of the pros and cons of buying social media followers.

The Pros:
It may be hard to believe, but there are plenty of benefits of buying social media followers. The main reason for buying followers is to create your profile’s trust and authority over a particular subject. Many artists, fitness models or individuals, chefs, designers, comedians, actors and online personalities who are just starting out and trying to build an online brand, can profit by buying followers as it can help gain credibility. More followers will help them utilize the social media as a paid influencer or a brand ambassador of a brand or product. People will not believe and trust an account which just started and has very few hundred followers. Also, once you establish yourself as a brand then you can let go your bought followers and cater to real followers.

The Cons:
You should be careful of how many followers you buy as social media platforms are keeping a watch on such activities. Social media platforms are also answerable to advertisers, who pay them a lot to gain reach and engagement. So fake followers are not a good news for social media platforms. Buying followers can also backfire, if the company whose product you are advertising on your page, finds out that more than half of your followers are not organic. You may be facing legal liability and that can destroy your brand’s credibility.

Looking at the pros and cons of buying followers. What we would recommend is that if you really feel the need to do it, then do it in a way that’s discreet and feels organic and also back up that with quality content to bring equal amounts of real followers. More than 50% of the world’s population, around 3.773 billion people are on social media, so it is not an impossible task to gain real followers. Tell us your thoughts about whether people should buy social media followers or not in the comment section below.

Nilkanth Ray
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