Twitter is going from 140 to 280 characters soon!

Twitter’s iconic 140-character limit for tweets may be scrapped soon. Twitter is in the process of testing its 280 character tweet limits with a small group of Twitter users.Twitter’s character limit has become the product’s defining characteristics. They got it from the character limit of texts which was 160, as tweets were sent as texts in earlier days of the Twitter app. Twitter is planning to increase the character limit hoping to get more people tweeting.

People are giving some mixed reactions to Twitter’s new announcement. Some are jumping with joy, some are complaining about Twitter losing its identity, and then some are there who don’t even care. If you are either of the first two categories, you’re passionate about tweeting and expressing your thoughts. And as it is said “There are always two sides of a coin”, let’sput out some pros and cons to this new state of affairs on Twitter.
• More space to express your thoughts and to say what you need to say.
• Easewhile tweeting any link to something, as generally, the link takes up most of 140 characters.
• No need to break up a long tweet into two separate tweets.
• Sharing same content on both Twitter and Facebook will be now easy with no requirement of two different versions.

• More room for people who indulge in plain ranting, trolling and often attacking other people. And that’s not what you would want.
• Scrolling through someone’s twitter feed would be so much more time-consuming.
• People would miss the witty and smart one-liners. Longer tweets may get boring.

This could also bring some good and not so good news for Social Media Marketers. More users are always favorable for marketing since more users mean more followers which in turn means more potential customers. More characters will also mean more space for ads. But then with more space to write, more resources to produce more content are required. So let’s hope Twitter comes out with new change soon for the good or the bad of it.

Nilkanth Ray
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