Two Possible New Features Of Facebook

Facebook is one of those platforms which always come up with creative features and improvements. They’ve added a lot of useful tools on the social media platform lately. The two new possible Facebook features we are going to talk about are “Red Envelope” and “Breaking News Tag”. Facebook is yet to announce these two possible tools. They were discovered by Matt Navarra, a Social Media Expert. He is known to put out new feature and updates that are currently unheard off to the public on his Twitter account.

Now lets us see what these new features are all about?

  • Red Envelope feature

In China, India and other Asian countries, the red envelope is a symbol of a gift which elders give to young people, and the envelopes contain money. Similarly, this feature will allow you to send money as a gift to your friends on Facebook. Also, we think that this may be used to send payments for commodities bought online. Facebook already has this functionality in Messenger, but it’s still not available on the website (desktop version).

  • Breaking News Tag

As the name suggests, this tag allows you to highlight information about a recent event so it can be accessed easily. When asked about this feature, the social media giant said Breaking News tag was set for a future test. What this feature will exactly do is still not clear, but for sure it will be related to news and current affairs. Facebook may notify users, pin the stories on top, or make the post visually stand out which are tagged as breaking news.

We hope the new these features will be tested soon and be out for the public to use.

Nilkanth Ray
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