Use Twitter Polls to Boost Audience Engagement

It’s not an unknown fact that it’s not easy to get people’s engagement with your posts on social media. There’s a relief here for you, Twitter polls can help. Here are some expert tips about why Twitter polls should be used to increase engagement for your brand. Let’s first understand why Twitter polls increase audience engagement on your posts.

  • While answering, the fear of being wrong is not there:

On a public platform like social media, people don’t want to risk being wrong. And plus point of a poll is that there is no wrong answer. Poll, basically is a question with a set of answers to choose from. People can anonymously answer without being judged wrong or right and since individual answers aren’t disclosed, users tend to be more honest.

  • People like to state their opinion:

On an online community, when people know that their answer is contributing into something big and helping someone, it motivates them to share their opinions. Brands often use polls to collect audience’s views, and participants take time out to engage and respond. This also builds a positive perception about the brand in audience’s mind.

  • It’s easy to participate :

Unlike surveys which are a long list of questions and take a while to fill up, polls can be answered just by one click. Thus the simple format makes the participation very easy and effective.

  • Information for all:

Not only polls provide information about the audience’s insight for the brand but also the participants get to know what the majority of them think about the question asked. Brands can use this information to revamp their business ideas or update their data.

Pro- tips for running Twitter polls

  • Start you poll when audience engagement is high.
  • Keep your questions and answers interesting and varied.
  • Don’t spam or flood follower’s feed with polls.
  • Engage back with the followers: Like and Comment back to thank users who comment.

Polls can be advantageous to your business in more ways than one. Along with boosting engagement, polls can help in gathering customer feedback, starting a debate on social media or planning events.

Nilkanth Ray
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