What Makes A Good Business Logo?

‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ – is a very famous saying that works with all, regardless of the society, school or industry he/she belongs to! And it becomes apparent when it comes to doing some serious business. Yes, the businesses out there are always into something that can render them a unique identity in the business world. But, in the quest of staying different, many get lost in the crowd forever. So, to ensure that this story does not become yours, focus on the core points that can help you compete well and be a strong player in your industry. Out of the so-many-points that you’ll need to consider, one of the important and not-to-be-missed factors are creating your individuality in such a way that its impression lasts long and the mass can easily identify you by that peculiar individuality – and one of the best ways to do so is creating a good business logo!

A logo is a visual representation of everything that your company stands for. Enhances potential customers, builds loyalty between you and your clientele, establishes a brand identity, and provides a professional look of an established enterprise – are some yet important features of having a good business logo. So, what makes a good business logo? Let us find out!

There are many things to consider while making a logo for your company. Taking a deeper look at its logistics, it is advisable to keep in mind the following 7 points:

  1. Look at the logos of other businesses in your industry –Always have a pre-hand research on what your competitors are up to. Find out what can differentiate your logo from your competitors.
  2. Focus on your message –The logo must be designed depending on your target audience, your motto and your nature of business.
  3. Talking Text –Unless your business is globally recognized, it is better to add your name to the graphic for brand awareness. Creativity lies in understanding which fonts will convey a particular emotion and meaning to your audience. Ensure you have one of its kinds.
  4. Eye-catching colour –Colours that you are looking forward to use in your logo should be selected wisely as they can have a big impact on your company’s future business. Proper research is a pre-requirement as colours also convey emotions, so depending on your need or nature of the business, you should select the colour. For instance, if a company wants a young and exciting look of the logo, bright colours like red or yellow must be taken or in case of cool and refined image, darker shades like blue should be your choice.
  5. Creating a great graphic –When it’s about logo, most people tend to expect graphics. Create one that looks good on advertisements stationery, apparel, as well as on the Web.
  6. Don’t use clip art –Clip arts are undoubtedly tempting, but can be copied easily. Additionally, original art will make a more impressive statement about your company. Hence, set your business apart from others by creating something of your own.
  7. Avoid trendy looks –This need to be taken care of when you are redesigning your logo. If you come up with something trendy and cool, it might alienate your customers. Make sure to make a logo that can last for the next twenty years.

These seven points are good-to-go to begin with designing a logo for your business! We look forward to make a difference to your logo creations after going through this small set of guidelines!

Nilkanth Ray
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