What Makes A Good Facebook Landing Page

Facebook is a buzz word of today’s time and something that hardly anyone is unaware of! It has become one of the best mediums for the businesses to advertise, to gain opportunities and to expand. But today, basic knowledge is not enough, one needs to have an in-depth idea about the significance of the social platforms and if not, should have an expert who is well trained in social media. It becomes really important to explore the platforms so that you can take the utmost advantage of the benefits that these social media platforms have to offer!
As said above, almost every business of today has their presence on social media. But not all are into creating that buzz in the online market, reason being – less knowledge about what tactics and steps will lead them to success. Hence, they tend to lose that grip of the social media platforms and end up with the same number of followers. If you are in this phase, make sure you have a detailed study about the social platforms and what will enable you to engage the online traffic, or, hire an expert who can be a perfect guide to your social media accounts. Anyway, today, let us focus on the primary important thing for any business holding a Facebook account – its landing page!
The landing page is generally used to assist businesses gain fans by giving users a branded experience. Hence, they put maximum efforts to invite prospective customers to their landing page only to see that they abandon it quickly. So what goes wrong here? Let us find out. Following tips will enable you to create a better landing page to improve your lead generation strategy:

1) Make it short:
Only important content must be placed on the landing page, including the sign-up form. Extra details can be put down the page for those who are really curious about your business.

2) Choose a powerful image over a video:
Your goal is to make your prospect get converted into a lead. Videos are not short, hence they may end up not watching it. The landing page is not for promotion, set it up with a photo that shows people taking benefits of your products or service – this will definitely prove to be a better marketing tactic.

3) Give social proof:
It is always advisable to place a testimonial on your landing page, as it helps to make people confident on choosing you. Ensure that people get a clear idea about it and is brief and straight to the point.

4) Place a clear call to action and make it stand out:
Use a bright color to make your call-to-action stand out indicating the prospect to go further with words like: ‘sign up now’, ‘apply now’ or simply ‘buy’.

5) Shorten your sign-up form as much as possible:
Your goal is to get only that information which is important. So, use a simple design trick to make the form appear shorter than it actually is and take the other details later once you get your lead.

6) Consider removing the main menu:
If people decide to first explore the other pages, it may happen that they end up to come back. So, to increase the conversion rate, you should consider removing the main menu as it will distract the visitor from taking action.

Nilkanth Ray
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