Why Content is the King in SEO

Keywords and backlinks are the major factors in deciding SEO rank of your page. On-page SEO elements like these define what your page is about and its chances of getting noticed by the users. Cramming your page with tags, referrals won’t bring your page achieve that top spot on search engine result pages (SERPs). Even if it does, it won’t make that reader visit your page again and again. The only thing you can do which will definitely improve your SEO rankings is, write great content which is relevant, original, and trustworthy.

Here’s why good content is the most important SEO element:

Google can recognize quality content: Google’s ranking algorithm can tell good content from bad content. It judges the content on different factors like spelling, grammar, length of the content and its readability. Presenting a unique point of view about the topic on which you are writing, being original and using bulleted or numbered content are some desired characteristics of good content.

Good content will bring in good reviews: Positive reviews on your page and social media platforms will intrigue users to explore more of your content and also get noticed by Google. Write posts which will create a positive image of your website in readers’ mind.

Good content will be rewarded: A good article will get referrals from anywhere on the web. When your article gets shared by websites with high domain authority, Google will push your content ahead in SEO rankings.

Quality Content will bring you more Business: You would want your blog readers to turn into your customers. Good, informative, entertaining and engaging content will be appreciated, by the readers. Thus, writing quality blog content will give your business new customers.

Nilkanth Ray
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