Why should you market your business on Twitter?

Twitter currently has 330 million active users and the number is growing quickly. It’s not just a social media where people upload their selfies with their morning coffee. It’s also a great social media platform for you to make your brand known. Some businesses have already realized this fact, and have started using Twitter to improve their marketing game further.

Let’s see what makes Twitter a great marketing platform and how you should use it to expand your own brand.

Twitter is favorable for any type of content

You can be versatile with the kind of content you use when it comes to Twitter. Twitter is optimized for texts and textual posts get the primary attention of the users. Visual content such as images and videos are also received an equally good response and engagement. Textual content usually gets ignored by Facebook and Instagram users while Twitter is indeed flexible.

Twitter gives customer knowledge

Twitter is a two-way communication line, where you can share information regarding your products or services and also discover and gain data from your customers in form of feedback and suggestions. Twitter Polls also can be utilized to help you improve and step up your game.

Gives an advantage over competitors

Twitter provides essential information about your rival brands, which can tell you what not to do. Use the criticisms of their products and services to make yours stand out and convert their customers into yours.

So what are you waiting for, get your business on Twitter, whether big or small and reap the benefits of marketing it on twitter?

Nilkanth Ray
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